Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oh, The Wonders Of Being A Switch

Today I had a session with a wonderful switch. We met at the door, exchanged pleasantries and I asked him to be seated. As always, his nervousness was palpable but it dissipated quickly as we began to talk. Men are often intimidated by my presence. Sometimes I delight in using this fact as a tool to wield and other times, I smile and make them comfortable- secure in the knowledge that I can turn the tables at any time I wish. We had agreed on a switch session. Him topping for the first 30 minutes and me topping for the second half. Men are often eager to feel my control once we have spoken so I wasn't surprised that the ratio changed to 20 minutes/40 minutes. Once I took control, I quickly ramped him up. I gleefully used a very large selection of paddles, crops and canes to give him a full spectrum of the various sensations I was capable of inflicting. As I layered bruising upon welts on top of stings, punctuated by the thud of a heavy wooden paddle, I smiled and laughed as he wiggled and moaned. Always, my inner sadist comes out when I see a reddening bottom and welts appearing on a rounded ass. Eventually, our time was up. Too soon as usual. He was very happy with his deeply bruised ass and stinging welts as he left, thanking me and already planning the next session.

I do so love my work.

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