Monday, June 3, 2013

Naughty Boys Don't Win Here

   I have a regular hypnosis client who is notoriously selfish. He always tries to convince me that everything he wants his girlfriend to do for him is really "only about her" and naturally, I call him on his shit. We always talk about ways he can be more giving and actually serve as a submissive rather than a spoiled, selfish little sissy boy but he is a stubborn little shit. Today, I decided to take action. 

   I put the selfish little boy in a hypnotic trance and let him go very deep- deeper than he usually goes- and ran him through a series of suggestions. The result was this: the dirty little boy can only orgasm if he is thinking unselfishly. The more he thinks about his Lady, the stronger the urge, the more built up the orgasm becomes. As soon as a selfish thought enters his head, he loses the erection. Unselfish: erection returns. 

   I watched and listened as the poor little selfish boy tried repeatedly to orgasm. He would almost reach climax and then his thoughts would return to his usual manipulation of the circumstances, Myself and his Lady. Instant droopy noodle. I laughed as this dirty little sissy boy was taught a lesson and left him in tears, his selfish little thoughts continuing to return. Eventually, perhaps he will be able to achieve climax but only if he learns to behave. 

Lesson of the day: 

When selfish sissy boys think they are smarter than they are, they are taught a very... hard lesson.

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