Friday, June 7, 2013

I get feedback too! Here's a letter from a session I had:
Dear Miss Mina,
  I don't have any friends on this board, but I do remember you vividly. My first session (and I met my ex a little after, so pretty much my last) was with you and you were amazing. The talent you used with the ropes you tied me with were something else. 
  You got me in the zone so quick that I think you thought I wasn't doing well, but I was just in heaven (let me spell this out - HEAVEN) with the butt pounding that you gave me. When you pulled my hair and said that I was your bitch--it was incredible. More than a year after, it still sends shivers down my spine and gives me the shakes. One of the best experiences of my life.
  And God, you are so fucking HOT too. 
  Few things in life that we do have an effect that someone will never forget and I'll never forget you.
Hope all is well --A Fan

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